Memorial Options

When choosing a bronze memorial there are  many choices in finishes, designs, personalized name plates, etc., which add beauty and individuality all without compromising the protection and dependability of the product.  We can provide you with color pictures and descriptions of the many options available.  Our goal is to provide comforting, personalized service that meets or exceeds your expectations.  Although we offer many choices, our goal is to not overwhelm you with every option, but to listen to your needs and desires offering choices that reflect your personalized ideas and cost concerns.  Then we allow you time to envision the memorial that you feel is right and answer all your questions in order to give you the sense of peace and certainty in your decision.

All memorials are bronze at Oakwood Memorial Park. These each have integral vase units set on granite bases. Every memorial is custom manufactured just for you. Many times your memorial is hand crafted by a skilled artisan over many hours not manufactured by an automated machine.  We order from multiple bronze and granite companies with foundry’s and quarries in the United States that fit every taste and budget. Below are only a sampling of the variety of choices to you.